Canadian Animals to Spot

A trip to Canada offers gorgeous vistas as well as the chance of a lifetime to see new animals such as the ones listed below.


Those who live outside Canada and have never seen a moose in person are often in awe when photos and videos of these large animals are shared online. Even the lucky people who frequently see a moose strolling down a city street must admit that these creatures are a sight to behold. However, dwindling populations mean that visitors will have a better chance at spotting a moose by heading to a natural area such as Algonquin Park, the home of 3,000 moose.


If you train your gaze off Canada’s western shore, you might be greeted with the delightful sight of humpbacks, blue whales, or killer whales. While the latter animals, also known as orcas, are technically dolphins, they’re still a sight to behold. British Columbian shores offer a glimpse of grey whales from spring to autumn, or you can head to Robson Bight Ecological Preserve to see their 200 resident orcas. A tour is another great way to experience these animals. Either way, it’s sure to be a night to remember.


Found only in the mountains of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the marmot is an interesting animal. They have a plant-based diet and belong to the same family as squirrels but prefer to live in burrows. In fact, some people might be familiar with a specific type of marmot: the groundhog! Aside from that variety, Hoary and yellow-bellied marmots can also be found in Canada. Marmots are definitely rarer than their squirrel cousins, but numbers have steadied thanks to efforts to conserve them. The best time of year to view them is in summer because they hibernate for more than half of the year!


Like the Marvel character, this animal almost seems a work of fiction. It looks like a small bear but is more closely related to the weasel family. Wolverines boast strong muscles and large claws for taking down prey several times their own size, and they’re not afraid to scavenge for food, either. Wolverines like to hang out in high-elevation forests.

Of course, this is just a sample of the many animals found in Canada.

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